we were asking Shrinkie Pie y she shrunk a lat.


she sat dere, staring at us and kep drooling…

can we get an a?

Ahm doin a prajck @ schole were i need 2 tak pivturz of ponz an do a lil’ surv-a

Herz PainGrow Bash

oh an Feddur wait took notz.

What’s your favorite food? rainbow stew

What’s your favorite color? Flange.

What’s your favorite activity? Smoking.

What’s it like at home? … darkness…. scary… it’s…. it’s….

She flew off after that.

Wisk me luck an my gred!!1 :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))000

she’ll try to be more active…

So.. started an ask blog..


For now, only Dipper, but you will be able to ask Mabel after I make a model for her.


aplblom approves

u gais shud fllow dat blawg if u lick garvarty furls.

How intelligent are you?

thas all i lerned over duh yurs.


How do you feel about Dolan Comics?

*MAGIC ANON* You now have perfect grammar~ eve Have fun.

Get your cutie mark

y did i geht wun fr hm n nut habng deh bestur spelng in al uf ekwestra